Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All


Today's Top News

As I predicted yesterday Obama's State of The Union was the big news of the day.  Most people were totally shocked that he fired up his campaign bus and ran over the Supreme Court Judges with it. 

Some of the comments posted about the SOTU address I can't repeat as they aren't mom approved... not as bad as sucking on a bar of Lifeboy soap like Ralph had to do in the movie A Christmas Story, but bad enough.

Just to be fair I'll add that, I did one of those things on Facebook a couple of months ago that gives a percentage for your friends like how many are single or married.  I found back then that my friends are a little over 60% Republican.  So, I can't really say what I read is fair and balanced like say Fox News.  I will say though that my friends that are Democrats have quieted and have for the most part stopped defending Obama.  

Today's Fun Stuff

Have you seen the Geico commercial where the old man has that catchy funny ringtone, ringity-ding-ding-dingy-dong, on his cell phone? Today someone posted a link and you can go download the ringtone for free.   If you haven't seen the commercial, it's here on the same page you can get the ringtone from.

Today's Fun Status 

Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by dragons. My wish for 2010 is that people will understand, that being eaten by dragons is not something to be ashamed of. Dragons are nearly unstoppable and are truly terrifying. 93% won't copy and paste this... They have been eaten by dragons.

What did you learn on Facebook today?

1 comment:

  1. As always, you are right on the money! And you know what, you have become a real important voice at :)

    I actually tried my best to listen to speech, but when I saw Dem leaders falling asleep I really started yawning.

    Some 70 minutes of passing the buck and chiding the minority party...I can't prove it but I think it was a re-run of a speech from last year :)

    Following you now on Friend Connect!




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