Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ben Affleck to Live on $1.50 a Day and Unicorns... What!?

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Today I learned that there is a cause called Live Below The Line
Live Below the Line is an innovative awareness and fundraising campaign that's making a huge difference in the fight against extreme poverty. Quite simply, we’re building a movement of passionate people willing and able to make a meaningful difference to those who need it most. Live Below the Line is challenging individuals and communities to see how much change you can make out of $1.50. By living off just $1.50 per day for food for 5 days, you will be bringing to life the direct experiences of the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty and helping to make real change. Think about that figure - 1.4 BILLION - that's over 4 times the population of the United States - living every day in extreme poverty. - See more at:
Well I follow tons of coupon blogs and while I'm not big on couponing even I don't see this being awful or difficult especially since Ben is only doing it for 5 days... I also went by the site and it seems that it's all UN crap... I think a government on it's own wastes enough money so let's do the whole United Nations and get a whole bunch of governments together to waste money. GREAT IDEA!

But hey good for Ben for caring about the little folks!

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