Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama Goes Rogue

Today's Top News

I learned that Obama went all rogue and spoke words that weren't spoon fed to him by the telepromter, he said "They talk about me like a dog."  He was referring to the special interests in D.C not being happy with him. (As if they are the only ones, LOL, I wonder if he's seen his poll numbers lately?) I can't even type this without rolling my eyes.  I guess he doesn't consider the unions a special interest?

Today's Great Status

Monday!! You do not fool me by dressing up as a Tuesday..I recognize the beginning of a work week no matter WHAT you call yourself!!

Today's Drama

I got a messege in my little facebook inbox today talking about, Some People!  The sender of the messege, Said Person, didn't mention Some People by name and it was all like "I'm just letting you know that we have a mutual friend and some stuff is going down". I guess if Said Person wrote me before Some People, Said Person would have a chance of me taking their side even though I don't know what the hell was even going on.  I guess Said Person doesn't realize that it's been 21 years since I graduated high school!



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