Friday, January 8, 2010

Tasers, Football, & A Modern Day Hero

Today's Top News

From Fox News - Taser introduces new device to monitor kids and cell phones
I have to admit this headline conjures up images of some teenager getting the crap zapped out of them for sending any kind of explicit text message; just a little good old fashioned shock therapy.  Not to worry though parents, we know corporal punishment no longer exists. This new device, featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, is merely an application for both your cell phone and your child's.  To see the full story click here.

Today's Fan Page

Most of my friends are from Dallas so this one is a given, Dallas Cowboys kicking the Philadelphia Eagles Ass!

Today's Facebook Hero

Today there were a lot of comments about Colt McCoy, the quarterback from the Texas Longhorns. He was injured in last night's BCS Championship game and couldn't finish. So, why is he the hero of the day? Colt simply stated, "I always give God the glory. I never question why things happen the way they do. God is in control of my life. And I know that if nothing else, I'm standing on the Rock."  He sounds like a very honorable young man!

Today's Application - How original were my parents?

Tiffany's parents get a C+ for originality.
Ranking: 'Tiffany' was the 99th most popular girl's name in her birth year.
Rarity: 47% of girls had rarer names that year. (Grade: C+)
Peak year: 'Tiffany' peaked in popularity in 1988.
Current rank: 'Tiffany' is currently the 250th most popular girl's name.
Current name: Tiffany's parents might name her 'Gracie' today (current #99).

What did you learn on Facebook today?

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  1. Gee, there is a GREAT possibility you would have been named Gracie or Grace if you were born today since that was your great grandmother's name.




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