Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Cell Phones and Workin' The Farm

Today's Top News

Wireless Welfare - Wow, did you know now when you go to pick up the food stamps, you also get a cell phone!  In this article,

 I found that over 20 states have this program in place with more to follow. The United States spent almost $819 million on this program and of course you know the price tag is going to get bigger!

This story also reminds me that you can also use your government issue cell phone to take a pic of our First Lady on the days she goes to work at the soup kitchen.

Today Fan Page

The above article leads me to the fan page of the day,  Making Drug Tests required to get Welfare  That way when you get your cell phone you can deal just not use.

Today's Well That's Interesting...

Now most of the friends I have had the day off of work.  Seems like I would get some interesting stories as to what they did on their day off.  Well I can tell you that it looks as if the majority of them squandered their day off playing farm, cafe and some fishy aquarium thing. I guess though it keeps them out of trouble I haven't heard of anyone ever going to jail for playing Farmville.

What did you learn on Facebook today?

1 comment:

  1. Tiffany:

    You totally got me thinking that beyond drug tests for welfare, we need drug and alcohol tests for our Congress. Imagine what a better world we could have :)

    Great post, and thanks!





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