Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's All About The Animals

Today's News Story

Honestly there was nothing worth repeating that was posted today... slow news day on Facebook for sure and I don't care what level you are up to in Farmville, it's just not news worthy!

Today's Great Status
.... tried to sing like Snow White... must not be doing it right though, cause no animals came to help clean house!

I've never tried that one but I'm guessing the animals would run for the hills if I did it.  My singing is so bad I could probably get a gig exterminating mice or something from homes.

Today's Fan Page

This fan page leaves no doubt how these people feel about politics, TEA BAG THIS, JACKASS

On a side note, I've notice lots of my friends have started drinking and posting maybe we'll get some interesting stuff tomorrow!

What did you learn on Facebook today?

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