Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sad, Really Sad and Heart Broken

Today's Top News

Haiti! You'd have to pretty much not have a pulse to miss that one.  It's so very sad. They need our prayers and money. I learned on Facebook that you can donate to the American Red Cross by texting Haiti to 90999 and $10 will be added to your cell phone bill to help the relief efforts in that country. I did confirm this and you can check out here

Today's Facebook Fun

On a lighter note, someone, and only God knows who, on Facebook decided it was retro week.  They put their status as, GOING RETRO....WAY BACK WEEK! Post a pic of yourself when you were younger & see how adorable and funny we all were! Copy & paste!  Then they post a picture of when they were younger.  Sadly,  given the average age of my friends it looks more like mullet week. I might just have nightmares and I've already caught myself humming Achy Breaky Heart!  It just makes me want to put on some mom jeans and go line dancing.
*Disclaimer - I don't know the guy in that picture, he's just some random dude I found on the internet.

Now because you are my guest here I thought I'd save you the trouble of going to find good ol' Billy Ray.  No need to thank me really, it's my pleasure.

Today's  Fan Page

In honor of the retro week pictures I found - The Mullet where it's all about business at the front, party at the back.

What did you learn on Facebook today? 

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