Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's all about fancy stuff today!

Today's Top News

You know there are woman that get cheated on everyday, some that live in trailers with some good for nothing loser that can't keep a job... they find out and kick the bum out and what do they get... to keep the rented trailer and the set of Arby's Christmas glasses, that's a combo that could make any woman bitter. But today I found out one woman could possibly find forgiveness a bit easier, Tiger's soon to be ex-wife is going to get a couple of houses and 750 million dollars!  I'd always heard of marrying well but wow-wee that lady divorced well.  If I were her I could so smile at his dumb arse every time I had to see him.  C'mon 750 million that's a whole lot of medicine for the ol' heartache.

*Yes guys I know women cheat too... I'm sure one day we'll get to that.

Today's Remember When

Someone asked on their status today, "What fashion trend did you follow which was very cool then but now looks ridiculous?"

Here are some of the great answers:

leg warmers
half shirts
parachute pants
muscle shirts
big hair
layered socks
bandannas tied around your leg

Today's Fan Page

Someone Will Buy It is all about goofy products that make it to market.  Here's her blog and here's her fanpage!


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