Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's for The Children...

Today's Top News

I learned that Obama wants 50 billion, yup, that's all, just a mere little 50 billionIt's to close the gaps on some budgets here and there and as usual they are using that same old song and dance about how if we don't pony up we'll lose teachers and policemen.  Oh no!  We can't do that... please please congress give him the money!  How about this instead, that these idiots figure out another way to save some money!  I'm over here clippin' coupons and these fools have run up my personal liability as an American citizen for more than I owe on my house.

Now I'm thinking I need a drink!  Onward to better stuff. 

Today's Hot Product

Someone listed this great calendar today from the Houston Fire Fighters Children's Charity!  I could go on endlessly about this one.  Talk all about being hot, and hoses, and stuff but somehow I think most women won't need any prompting... After all, it's for the children.

Today's Temptation

Ok, you know your friends post something to their status and it's all you can do not to be a smart ass.  I remind myself constantly that I'm supposed to be a grown up and behave appropriately.  But I can share with you... :o)

Friend's Status - Had a dream about my wedding last night. ♥

To which I would have liked to reply... dream or nightmare?

Real World Update - Toshiba 1 - Orange Crush 0

If you follow my blog you know all about my laptop's run in with some Orange Crush.  My hubby took her apart to see what to salvage and cleaned some sticky off some connection, put her back together to see if she fired up and she did!!! Toshiba is alive and well!  I'm so thrilled!  :) 

What did you learn on Facebook today?

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