Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Either The Late, Late Edition or The Early Edition

Today's Top News

Let's start with yesterday's top news.  It's not news from the big world out there, it's from my world.   My laptop is dead may it rest in peace!  Come to find out it had a bad reaction when one of my darling children gave it some orange soda.  Turns out it was allergic but while I'm pretty sure it was painful, it was a quick death.  It did have a donor card so that other laptops will be able to live longer.  While I know other laptops will benefit it will be hard to put pieces of my old friend on eBay and then box them up and send them out.  I know that is what it would have wanted though.

Below is a picture of the murderer.  It's just outrageous how he stands there all out front as the gang leader talking about crushing things... My heart has been crushed for sure, a dear part of my life taken from me.

*The name and picture of the accomplice will not be released due to him being a minor.

Today's Great Status

"thepenisinmymouth".. Did you read the pen is in my mouth?.. like hell you did ;)

Well I thought it was a good one!

Today's Dose of Wisdom

The purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.  **Please see Today's Top News!

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