Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sharing isn't always a good thing!

Today's Top News

The most interesing news today was about how the good old government wants to put it's hand in your pockets some more to save the "media".   They talk about making tax exemptions for the media outlets and then also taxing electronics to pay for this.  If the media in our country wasn't skewed enough, why would we want our government involved in it?  I can't even find anything funny about this... You can read more about it here.

On another note... Friday is National Donut Day!  Sounds like my kind of day for sure!

Today's Top Status

I'm not even going to quote it as I usually do. This one only qualifies for the top because I can't get it out of my head.  One of my friends is talking about having yellowing stinky toe nails.  What the hell?  Why would you share that?  WHY?

Today's Chain Status

This one is going around now... I liked it for sure!

Did you know?

1. You cannot stick your tongue out and look up at the ceiling at the same time
2. All idiots, after reading #1 will try it.
3. And discover #1 is a lie.
4. You are smiling now because you are an idiot.

What did you learn on Facebook today?

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