Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Crush, Friend to Foe, Wicked Witch

Today's Top News

I haven't posted in quite sometime so, I thought I would keep today's top news story on the lighter side.  Candy Crush updated their app!  That's right boys and girls, if you are a Candy Crush addict, defined as reaching the end of the app, your fix is in!!!  For those of you addicted but haven't reached the "end" the update includes level 441 through 455.  

Today's Top Gossip

So one of my friends got "unfriended" over a link she posted.  Yes, it was of a political nature,  but seriously folks why?  Why would you give up a friend for Obama, Bush or any of them?  Does Obamacare provide friendship?  Like can you call a hotline or something for friends you have given up due to politics? 

Ring, ring...

Hello and welcome to the Obamacare hotline.  Please listen to the options carefully and be patient as not all the options work correctly or in a timely matter because afterall this was created by the government.

I don't think they will have an option for someone to cry to if you boyfriend hurt your feelings, and they aren't going to loan you a cup of sugar, or come jump start your car. 

Let's keep our heads about us people! Don't dump your friends over politics.

Today's Top Picture

What did you learn on Facebook today?

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