Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Crazy Plane and WINNING of Course

Today's Top News

VIRGIN Blue has sacked a male flight attendant and offered an angry mother free flights after her toddler was put in an overhead locker.

Wow, what a headline! I had to click it cause I'm thinking MAN! what a story and I've got this little movie playing in my head like - did the toddler cry and cry on the trip and the flight attendant go all crazy and come grab the kid throw him into the compartment, maybe even stuff some pillows and blankets in there to muffle the shrill cries of the toddler and then go start downing those mini bottles of booze on the beverage cart while he goes off on a rant and tells the kids mother to shut up cause he doesn't want to hear anything out of her either!?

Nope, sorry but that is not at all what happened. My version is better but if you want to read the real story you can do so here.

Today's Inspiring Status

A Successful Woman Takes The Bricks That The Devil Throws At Her And Builds A Firm Foundation..Just Saying!

Had to share this! Living well is always your best revenge! 

Today's Great Video

With ol' Charlie making the rounds you know the jokes were coming!  The thing I like about Facebook is just because you don't watch a show you still hear about stuff and get to see it.  Here's a great video from Jimmy Fallon's show.

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