Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Week in Review - Don't Spread on Me

Did you miss me this week?  Since I didn't post all week I thought I would do a quick week in review.  I know my readers want like to be informed and cultured. *snicker*

This Weeks News

If any of your friends have a cracker of some type as their profile picture and you don't know why...

It comes from a story about that whole New Black Panther thing that happened during the 2008 campaign where some guy was in front of a polling place with a club.  Well the case was dropped, then some guy came out from the DOJ saying he was resigning because of Panther case was dropped cause of a racial thing.  Then out comes this old video of the club holdin' guy talkin' about how he hates every iota of a cracker and that if they want freedom they have to kill some white babies.

While that could be disturbing many people think being called a cracker is funny.

They've even been posting cracker jokes:

How do you change a tire on a cracker's car?
Use a cracker jack.

How do you let go of a cracker at work?
Fire cracker.

Where does a cracker live?
A townhouse.

Cracker out!

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